Friday, November 30, 2012

Favorite Things Swap

To know me is to know my intense love for anything I deem I can't live without. I don't just say I love it; I say I love it and then try to convince everyone else why they should love it as well.

The flip side of that? I love, love, LOVE knowing what others consider their favorite things as well.

You know what's even better than talking about our favorite things? Sharing our favorite things!

In the spirit of channeling our inner Oprah, my bestie BHB and I are hosting our very first Favorite Things Swap!

The Fine Print:
  • You must send your partner a minimum of two items, totaling $25-50.
  • You have until Friday, December 7 to sign up. We will partner you up on Monday, the 10th.

Because we don't want our information scattered on the internet (hello, stalkers!), we won't ask you to do it either. Instead, email the following info to
Email Address
Blog / Twitter
Mailing Address

The one time I caved and decided to participate in a swap a couple of years ago, my partner flaked (you know who you hiss). 
If you flake on your partner, we will publicly ridicule you. And we will not stop until you have been shunned. You have been warned.

I can't wait to hear / see what everyone is loving this year. 

Happy swapping, y'all!

PS - I no longer post here (with the exception of this post, obviously). Come see me on my new blog!

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