Friday, September 7, 2012

A Little Complaining... And A Gameday Dress Giveaway

I really don't have a post planned like I would like to because this week has kicked my tail. I haven't had time to do anything I have wanted / needed to do (like reply to personal emails) because other, less-fun obligations demanded to be taken care of.

Sometimes being an adult is not very fun. But then I have a cocktail, and remember why it's not so bad most of the time.

I'm also still pretty unhappy about the wedding I'm being forced to attend this weekend. For many reasons. But mostly because it's football season. WHO. DOES. THAT. Oh, and because she's wretched.

But you know what *does* make me happy? Gameday dresses. Especially when I get to give them away.

**Enter to win a Gameday Dress from Twelve Saturdays over on Gameday Belles! Even if you aren't a football gal, they have some adorable dresses, so be sure to enter!**

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