Monday, August 6, 2012

Last Week in Numbers

{10} Minutes it took me to inhale bbq brisket cheese fries on Saturday.

{9} Times I swore I'd never travel with my mother again. And meant it.

{8} Times I have yelled at NBC during their sub-par Olympics coverage.

{7} Times I said I need to get the pictures off my camera for a blog post...and didn't do it.

{6} Number of things I put off doing yesterday.

{5} Days spent in the delightful Bahamas sun drinking delicious cocktails.

{4} Number of noises my (paid for, only 5 year old) car made before the motor locked down and it become completely useless.

{3} Panic texts sent to the BFF.

{2} Number of times I've had delivery this weekend because I put off going to the grocery.

{1} New car purchased this weekend.

What were your numbers last week?