Thursday, July 5, 2012

Throwback Thursday: School Nostalgia

We all know how awesome our school supplies were back in the day. (Don't even get me started on the crap that is deemed "school supplies" these days. It's no wonder kids don't love school supply shopping as much as we did. Yawn.)

Aside from school supplies, there were many other things that defined our days of education. To spare you a super lengthy post, I've pared it down to five (no doubt more posts on this will follow one day).

The Coin Purse - How much did I love these? So much. They were so tiny you could barely fit anything inside them, but it didn't matter. My two quarters (for snack time, duh) fit inside and really that's all anyone could hope for. Colorful rubber? Check. Squeeze to open and retrieve your two coins? Yes.

The Note -  If you didn't take the time to fold your note properly, what it had to say didn't really matter. Did it even exist? Probably not. This note folding technique was an art form - one I spent much time perfecting. And you know what? To this day I can still achieve perfectly creased perfection. Don't forget to mark it "private" or "for your eyes only." Otherwise, disaster.

Heads Up, Seven Up - Played in classrooms across the country, this was the quintessential teacher-is-tired-and-just-can-not-so-hey-let's-have-them-play-a-game game. The super skill Heads Up, Seven Upper knew the secret to the game...peeking at the shoes as they walked by. I may be the only person on the planet who did not like this game. Hide my eyes and my face so that I am completely vulnerable to an attack by God knows who while I hold my thumb up and let someone actually touch me at any time without knowing when? No. Just no.

Lunchroom Pizza - This shiz was so good you can now purchase it on your own. For real. It comes frozen. Reheat and relive all your lunchroom glory days. What is it called you ask? School pizza, of course. And don't forget the corn. School pizza is always served with corn. (??)

The Scooter - Any day we walked into PE and saw these was a good, good day. Do you know how fast these things will go on a shiny gym floor? No? Then you are missing out and need to make this happen ASAP. You're welcome.

What were some of the things you remember from your school days?



    We also had a juggling "unit" in gym where we learned to juggle with these neon scarves... definitely this:,r:2,s:0,i:85

    I was also REALLY into Gimp... the plastic woven lanyards, you dig?

  2. LOVE!!! Kids just don't get it these days. I am not sure I can still fold a note. hmm! I might have to test it out to see.

  3. Just informed M that you can buy school pizza. I think we might be going to the grocery store ha!

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