Thursday, July 19, 2012

This Is My Truth

I will never be the girl who has it all together. It's a hard thing to accept, but I'm trying.

I have never seen a single Star Wars movie and I have no desire to do so.

I'm not crazy about ice cream. I can take it or leave it, but if I take it, it belongs in it's own bowl. It has no business touching my piece of cake.

I am fiercely independent, almost to the point of it being detrimental in my relationships.

Some of my best days are the ones that include conversations in any form (verbal, gchat, text, email) consisting of 80% song lyrics and/or movie quotes.

I live for cheese.

And bacon.

I love salsa and marinara, but loathe tomatoes. If one piece of that vile fruit touches my food and gets tomato snot all over it, I refuse to eat it. Mature, I know.

I recently did a purging of my Twitter and Reader in an effort to stop hate reading. It helps. Namaste.  (**If you have a blog/are on Twitter and I should be following you because I would immediately love you but don't know it yet, please let me know!)

I really want to try the spinning (RPM) class at my gym, but I'm scared. I am mega intimidated by it. This is the first time I've said it out loud. Baby steps.

I think food in mini form is infinitely better than it's regularly sized counterpart. You'll never convince me otherwise.

While Alabama is home, I will always be a Georgia girl. It's where my roots are; it's where my heart will always be.

This is my truth. Tell me yours.


  1. Just saw my first Star Wars movie 2 weeks ago after finally caving to the boyfriend. I didn't hate it but I don't understand the cult following.

  2. I love your honesty. I think that the older I get, the more accepting I am of my TRUE SELF. And I'm ok with it. I will never ever ever like mustard and if you try to convince me otherwise I will cut.a.bitch. The end. :)

    My blog is hopefully relatively upbeat and not snarky so feel free to mosey on over there. Pretty much Instagram brain dumps and pictures of shooz. You're welcome. :)


  3. Posts like these are my favorite-- make me realize I'm not alone on the not having it together and that it is perfectly fine to be okay with that.

    I am right there with you on Star Wars- never seen it and don't particularly care to ever see them (to be honest, I am also like this with Twilight). Also, dying to try spin, but so nervous for that first class.

    My truth. I'm an insanely private person, but I kind of want a blog because the idea of sharing by thoughts with the internet is so much less intimisating than people I know knowing them. Weird, but that is my truth.

  4. I've just started spinning and it is BEYOND fun. What's great about it is that you can really go at your own speed, so you can just do whatever challenges you and nobody else has to know!

  5. I only watched Star Wars because growing up, my brother was obsessed with the movies. Guess he was paying us back for making him watch Jem. ha!
    I took spinning for a while. Definitely was a love/hate relationship. Don't let anyone lie to you, your butt WILL hurt for a few days after your first class.

  6. My TROOF is that I too have A Tomato Thing. I've considered writing about it on le bloggie however I'm a little embarrassed to truly showcase the extent to which I'm a nutcase.

    Another TROOF is that we gotta sched that KClark pj wine and cheese dance party

  7. Ummm, are we the same person?

    Minus the tomato comment, I'm leaning towards a yes.

  8. My truth? This post made me hungry. And I'm intimidated by spin classes too.

  9. It is no wonder we have become friends I feel the same way about tomatoes. And mini food versions are so fun
    The first time I tried spin class I couldn't walk for almost a week. It was great workout though.

  10. I need to do a similar purge of my reader--it's just too much in its current state. And I feel like the tomato thing is more common that I thought as well, as I always feel so picky when I won't eat anything that once had tomatoes on/in it as I hate the juice. ;)

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