Monday, July 2, 2012

Monday Musings

Y'ALL. How is it already July?

Big things are happening this month.

But not today. Today isn't being very nice. I didn't sleep all night - as in not even 10 minutes worth of a nap. Insomnia won that battle. It won it hard. Thanks to my lack of sleep, my eyes feel like 10,000 needles are being poked through them...which means my contacts have no chance of going in. Believe me, I tried. For fifteen minutes I willed them into my eyes. But nope. Not happening. So I resign myself to a day of glasses, and head out the door. The thing about not looking out the window or at a weather report before leaving the house is that you may make it to the lobby of your building before you realize it's POURING. So back upstairs we go for an umbrella. As luck would have it, all three of my umbrellas were in my car. Great. So I attempt the brisk mall-walk from building to car, getting soaked in the process. As I was opening the door, my purse fell into stream of gushing water that was every bit of 4 inches deep. Monday has made it's presence known. And with that, I'm telling it to F off.

So now we move on to other (more random) things.

Year end is over (for the most part). For the next week, I get to shut the door and give the stink eye to anyone who dares to open it and bother me. This is also what I like to refer to as my "dance party in the office" time.

A blurb from today's horoscope: "You stand up for something important today, surprising quite a few people who had expected you to roll over for whatever is coming." So there.

I WILL get organized and get my ish together for the coming month. Lists upon lists upon lists. As a type a list making fiend, this is my heaven.

BIG DAY TODAY. You may have remembered my constant complaining about a lack of planner since I lost mine (I'm not linking back to those posts for your own sake since there are something like 18 of them). Well, I am planner-less no more. Today is the day I move my entire life into my new planner. This is one of my favorite days of the year, and yes, there will be cupcakes.

Today I will: respond to ALL personal emails, plan blog posts, send some personal correspondence (so that I can remain the shame), create a meal / workout plan, and otherwise do everything except the work I need to be doing (which I will no doubt do tonight when I can't sleep...again).

How's your Monday? I hope it started out better than mine.


  1. Sorry to hear your morning has been so rough! Enjoy organizing your life and don't skip the cupcakes, it sounds like you deserve them. ;)

  2. ooooh good call with the meal plan. I have big dreams for a written workout plan for the month of July.... after the grilling and boozing of the 4th...

  3. Sorry your morning hasn't been very great. I hate when you have a sleepless night because you know the whole day will be rough.

    What planner did you end up ordering? Or did I somehow miss this? I've started using my iphone calendar instead of anything else. It's easier lately.

    The rest of your day sounds good.. hope it goes well. XO

  4. You win the morning from hell. I was complaining about my 2:45am power outage followed by my 3:15am outside trying to figure out why the generator wouldn't cut on-- but, no sleep, no contacts, no umbrella, and wet purse DEFINITELY trump that. I hope the day gets so much better and you get to dance party and ignore that there is work to do!! (oh, and, maybe, knock back a few of those emergency office beverages you have?)

  5. I actually returned all my voicemails today. You know this is an accomplishment!!

  6. I really hate you had such a bad morning. Yeah for the planner arriving. And i hope you get some sleep tonight.

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