Thursday, June 7, 2012

Throwback Thursday: The Shoes

It's the first Thursday of the month, and you know what that means. It's time to walk down Memory Lane with Throwback Thursday. This time it's all about the shoes. Anyone who spent any amount of time in the 80s had at least one of these (yours truly had them all...except the Jordans).


I don't know a single 80s girl who didn't own at least one pair of white leather Keds. A major shoe staple of the 80s, you could wear them with anything from your Laura Ashley dress to your Guess overalls (with one strap unhooked, of course). When I first started cheerleading, these were the shoe of choice until we moved on to the Converse cheer shoes with interchangeable school colors.

L.A. Gear

Ahhh. L.A. Gear. Who didn't love a good pair of hi-top LA Gears? Colorful? Check. Ruffly things on the side? Check. Mini license plate tag? Check.

 Nike Air Jordans
If you were a basketball player (or just wished you were), these were THE shoe to have. The price was steep, but if you wanted to play like Jordan, you had to have the shoes. They eventually segued into the "Pump" Air Jordans with the air pump thing on the tongue. I never really understood those.



Just as tight rolling your jeans was an 80s fashion essential, a pair of Eastlands was a must have. But only if you left them untied, with the laces all knotted up in that curly q of awesomeness. If you tied your Eastlands, you were obviously doing it wrong.


In their heyday, jellies graced the feet of girls (and women) everywhere in a variety of styles and colors. Jellies were in no way sensible shoes. They hurt. A lot. Wearing them without getting blisters was unheard of. The amount of foot sweat they caused was ridiculous. Come on. You know you feel out of / off your jelly on more than one occasion because of this. And the smell. They are made of cheap rubbery plastic, which means they smell like cheap rubbery plastic. All negatives aide, anyone who was anyone rocked a jelly shoe back in the day. Don't even try to pretend like you didn't.

The best shoe to rock with your tight rolled jeans and slouch socks? The brightly colored, velcro Reebok hi-top. From white to red to neon, you could find this shoe in almost any color. The super soft leather was perfect for stretching so you could wear BOTH pairs of slouch socks. Because we all know one pair just wouldn't do.

What were your must have shoes back in the day?


  1. I loved my jellies but you are totally right, they hurt SO much! This post was so fun!

  2. TOTALLY HAD JELLIES. When I saw Tory Burch was trying to bring it back a season or two ago I grimaced. I had Stride Rite sneakers with lights in them, too. I also definitely wore lots of black patent Mary Jane "party shoes".

  3. Bahaha! I totally had jellies and my mom hated them because they made all of those impressions in the carpet when you walk. Plus my HUSBAND was forced (by his mother) to wear keds until he was 12 because he claimed he had narrow feet. Poor guy...

  4. Oh my word, hello elementary and a little middle school!

    I wore Sam and Libby ballet flats, Tretorns, and Bass loafers and sandals.

  5. I always wanted a pair of jelly shoes but my parents refused to to buy them.
    I had sevearl pair of keds in different colors.

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