Thursday, May 17, 2012

So You're Graduating: The Things They Don't Tell You


You did it.

In four (or five, for some folks) years, you blossomed from a wide-eyed innocent 18 year old to a young twenty-something that is ready to take on the world.

You're ready. You're prepared. After all, you learned a lot about life in those four years of undergrad, right?


You're about to discover you don't know as much about the world as you thought you did.

Spending every Thursday night in the bar getting wasted? Done.

Deciding not to get up for your 8am because you're just *so* tired? No longer an option.

The stress of finals? It's nothing compared to the stress of an important deadline.

Spring breaks and summer vacations? Over.

The hangovers? Hurt a lot more than they used to.

Money? Mom and Dad are no longer going to be footing the bill.

Job? You're going to have to get one. And it isn't going to be easy. Not even a little bit. Having a degree doesn't guarantee you an immediate career. You're going to learn this the hard way.

Bills? You're going to have them. A lot of them. See also: Mom and Dad are no longer going to be footing the bill.

You have no idea how much life is about to suck.

So, congratulations, graduate. And best of luck. You're going to need it.


  1. Yeah it sucks being an adult and that is something we have to learn on our own.

  2. This is beyond true. I'm two years out and still learning many of these lessons.

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