Monday, April 23, 2012

Every Day Things I Hate

"Will That Be All?" No, lady at the drive through. That will not be all. Is it too much to ask that you let me get more than three words out of my mouth before you cut me off?

When a place is known for something and they are out of it. Example: A BBQ place that is out of meat. I'm sorry. Is that not a pig on your sign? How do you run out of something YOUR BUSINESS IS BUILT AROUND??

Hipsters. There's nothing I can say that says it better than this (*language alert*):
:: Side Bar - I *adore* The Gentlemen's Rant. It's what gets me through the day.::

Unpedicured Toes. Sandal season is upon us. If you're going to bare the toes (and why wouldn't you?), do us all a favor and at least throw a coat of polish on them. No one wants to look at your gnarly feet.

The ridiculous new trend of Willy Wonka tweets. STOP THE INSANITY. It's too much. We get it. Now PLEASE stop retweeting them 72 times a day.

Stabbing myself in the eye with the mascara wand. It happens far more often than I care to admit.

I could go on ranting forever, but I want to hear what normal, every day things have you in a tizzy this week.


  1. 1. Eye makeup during allergy season.

    2. People who stand on one side of the sidewalk walking their dog who is on the other side so the leash creates a booby trap if I attempt to walk between them. MOVE.

    3. Children on leashes in malls/at airports.

    4. Food delivery guys being pissy. I didn't ask you to drop out of college, sir, please use manners.

    5. Fingerprints/earprints (ew) on my iPhone screen.

  2. Unpedicured toes drive me out of my mind too!

    I can't stand people who walk slowly in front of you and make it impossible for you to pass!

  3. I feel naked without some kind of polish on my nails. Even if it's just clear, I feel more put together.

    I hate when people cannot park straight and take up two spaces. When they don't use turn signals and when people leave shopping carts in the middle of a parking lot. Not sure why all of my qualms are parking/driving related. ;)

  4. My gracious. As I was reading these, I keep agreeing with each new thing. Especially the unpainted toes - gross.

  5. Unpainted toes gross me out. My doctor's were unpainted the other day and it bothered me during the whole visit.

    Here's my hate list, this week anyway:

    1-Dry, dusty weather and my allergies. I take so many different meds and it still doesn't help.

    2-People who think that they can walk into my office without an appointment and meet with me for an hour. If they are already a client or someone I know, this doesn't bother me so much, but when it's some random demanding stranger, I hate it.

    3-People who call but don't leave a voicemail so then I'm left wondering what they needed.

    4-Two-faced people.

  6. Dealing with morans and horrible drivers are my biggest peeves.