Thursday, March 15, 2012

The One In Which I Flip My Ish

Everyone is talking about Jessica Simpson on the cover of Elle. And my blood is boiling. 


A few Twitter girls in particular have made comments that are downright appalling.  

She's huge.

She's unhealthy.

Her boobs are the size of a head.

She's setting a bad example of pregnancy.

She's fat.

She's a cow.

She's disgusting.

I feel sorry for her.

I feel sorry for her boyfriend.

Is she having triplets??

Ew. Why did she do this?



She is nine months pregnant and she is GORGEOUS.


Every woman is different. Every pregnancy is different. And who, exactly, do you think you are to be judging her pregnancy and what she may or may not be going through??

She's happy. She says she's never been more comfortable in her own skin. And it shows. She is beautiful.

Why do women feel the need to be catty and cut other women down for no reason at all? 

Those of you who have said these things...and you know who you are...I'm just going to assume that you are perfect and everything about you is ALWAYS spot on.  

Because otherwise, you would surely know how it feels to be judged and have horrible things said about you and you would never do that to another woman, right?

Jessica Simpson is a real woman. She has curves. She has boobs. She deals with fluctuating weight. And it's all in the spotlight. How would YOU feel if you were constantly in the spotlight...and at 9 months pregnant, no less?

Jessica Simpson is real. And she is beautiful. Maybe more so than I've ever seen her before. Those of you who have nothing but negative things to heart goes out to you because your ugliness is something that can't be fixed.

Rock on, Jess. You've never looked more gorgeous.


  1. She is nine months pregnant, she should look pregnant! I totally agree with you on this!

  2. Agreed!! I can only hope that when I'm pregnant I look half as good as she does!

  3. Love it. I missed a lot of these comments--probably a good thing--would have gotten my prego blood pressure up!!

  4. You are right she is beautiful! When I was pregnant with my son a few people told me I was the biggest pregnant woman that had seen and pregnancy was not attractive on me. It is super hurtful for people to say things.

    Why do people have to be so mean??

  5. I'll raise my hand here, I did judge her and tweet snarky comment and I think she is unhealthy, however, I never said she wasn't beautiful. She eats WAY too much and the foods she eats are not healthy foods which she admits to. She's chowing down on high fattening/processed/sugary foods, which is very, very unhealthy both for her as well as for her growing baby. Giving into cravings here and there or even once or twice a week, I completely understand that, hormones make you crazy. Inhaling a tub of nachos everyday? Borderline binge eating disorder. A nutritionist as well as a medical doctor will tell you that.

    I'm not trying to argue saying that Jessica Simpson isn't gorgeous, it's just don't be so quick to call others "ugly" and "mean," as I'm sure we've all judged celebrities at one point in our lives. It's human nature. We're not saints. I think far too many woman took the comments personally, when it was never an attack on pregnancy, on them or ever saying that Jessica Simpson was ugly. Jessica Simpson puts herself out there. She willingly put her pregnant body on the cover of a magazine. She wanted to show the world, she wanted to let it all be public. Like anything that's blatantly advertised in people's faces, there's going to be response.

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