Friday, February 3, 2012

Goal Update: January

I'm a few days late, but it's time to update my success (or lack thereof) on my January goals.

Blog - Well, we all see that didn't go very well. January was crazy on so many unexpected levels, but I expect February to be a little more calm, so I'm just moving this one on into February.

No Ponytails - This one was semi-successful. I did better than I have been doing, but there were a few mornings I caved. But in my defense, who doesn't love a good side pony from time to time. (Note that's a statement, not a question.)

Wake Up 30 Minutes Earlier - This was much more difficult than originally anticipated, but I somehow managed to do it all but two mornings. You'd think 30 minutes wouldn't be that much harder, but when we're talking 5am, it's huge.

Join a Book Club - I made the attempt, but think this one is going to ultimately end up scratched off the list. While I'd still like to join one, the few I've found around here are not really anything I think I would enjoy. In most of them, I'd be the youngest by at least 20 years.

No Fast Food - With the exception of two Chik-Fil-A morning stops, I can check this one off.

JCC - This past week I only made it twice, but this week was so chaotic I could barely think straight. So I'm giving myself a pass and getting back on the 4 times per week track next week.

Find the Perfect Workout Shoes - Done. I took the advice of my girl over at JGIWC and invested in a solid pair of Nike's. And I don't regret it. Not even a little bit.

February goals coming this weekend!

How did you fare on your January goals? 


  1. Your new shoes are cute! Love that you have a goal of no ponytails too. I should make a no bun goal.

  2. I need to make a goal of finding more things to do with my hair. It is still too short to really put up but too long for the cute little bob anymore.

    PS I have had this post sitting open in my browser for like two days. So if your google analytics say some crazy person from TN has been majorly stalking you know why!

  3. no ponytails??? i love my ponytails. couldn't live withou them!

  4. YAY! Nothing better than Nike! And I love that you're doing the goal posts too!