Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Tuesday Two

I've cut out all forms of caffeine, and let me tell you: life ain't all that grand this week. I'm grumpy. Really grumpy. So what do I do? I take to the blog to complain. But since it's Tuesday, I'm going to keep it to just two things. Why? I don't know. Because Tuesday and Two go well together. That's why. You're welcome.

::Begin Rant::

1) Alabama won the National Championship. Again. This makes 9 or so, but they claim 14. And they claim them loudly (read: obnoxiously). Living in Alabama means the last three years of my life have been dominated by Alabama winning, Alabama complaining that Auburn won, and now, Alabama winning. I have nothing against the school, the football team, or even Alabama alum. But the "average" Alabama fan makes it impossible to want to see the team succeed. They are unbearable. Row Tahd.

2) I really just cannot take some of these people in blog / Twitter land seriously. Who...WHO...stands around looking all cute in front of tattered old barns and in quaint fields of daisies? WHO DOES THIS?! Whose life is this? No one. It's no ones life. Do you really think you're fooling us all with your gaze-y eyes and your ever-so-slightly pursed lips? Reality is I'm a hot mess 75% of the time because, you know, life happens. You over-schedule yourself or you forget something or wake up late. Yes, I know I don't have to read your stuff (and believe me, when I start to figure out this is what you're doing, I stop reading), but that doesn't mean I don't think you're full o' crap.

::End Rant::

In other news, today is the day I catch up on my blog reading / commenting on the awesome blogs (not those from #2 above). I promise to keep my snarkiness to a minimum.

What are your gripes of the day / week / month / year? I want to hear 'em.


  1. you crack me up consistently haha xoxo

  2. Hahaha. I cut out caffeine once for a couple days but the headache was too much and I was not good at cutting back slowly. I figure it's my only vice. Oh wait, then there's also shopping, and eating too many sweets. Okay, lots of vices, but caffeine is definitely one of them. Good luck with the caffeine cut, and I do agree with Alabama fans and I live nowhere near Roll Tide territory. ;)

  3. Preach it girl! I agree with both of your rants 100%!

  4. So I did not brush my hair in my OOTD today so, yeah...no fields of flowers for this girl! :)

  5. Good luck with the caffiene kick. I thought I had kicked it once I had my babies, but nope - it came back with a vengence, and man, I missed it!

  6. I'm dying! Y'all don't want me to give up caffeine (or chocolate) or I'd be ranting all the time too!

  7. Way to go with the caffiene kick. I cut cokes but have poured some coffee in my hot chocolate the last couple of mornings.
    I agree with #2 I read some and think there is no way this is your normal life. I really hope mine does not come across as that to people.

  8. Since I am a Georgia gal who loves her Bulldawgs Bama winning on Monday night just makes me roll me eyes, seriously. Is there anything more obnoxous than a TIDE fan??

  9. ugh. really? this is the 1st blog post of yours that i have read and i think it has officially made me hate you. first of all - who cares if the state of alabama has dominated the national championship scene for the past 3 years. get out of your hater bubble and realize that is HUGE for the state of alabama and the SEC in general.

    and @broncomom - is there anything more annoying than a bama fan? there are some Georgia fans that are just as obnoxious (in fact the ones that said they were better than Bama because they're in the SEC championship & Bama isn't.) and some Tennessee and LSU and Auburn and Florida. I am sure if LSU had won you would be saying the same thing "is there anything more obnoxious than a LSU fan".

    ugh. here is a blog i hope to never stumble upon again.