Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Getting Real

Have you ever noticed how easy it is in the blog world to make it seem like everything is awesome 100% of the time? We write about fashion, hair/skin/makeup products we love, DIY projects, recipes, wish lists, purchases we've made...the list goes on and on.

But that isn't life. Life is not all rainbows and cotton candy and fields of daisies with puppies nipping at our heels. Life is hard. And sometimes life just sucks. 

Lately, I haven't been posting as much as I would like to be. I have plans to do it. I want to do it. I sit down and attempt to do it. But it never really happens. And I've come to realize that my heart just isn't in it. Life has thrown me some pretty intense curve balls lately, and it's hard to sit down and pretend like it hasn't been tough. 

So, it's time to get real. Sometimes life isn't always about something I'm adding to my wish list or buying something new. Sometimes life is about...life.

There are several blogs I used to love to follow, but seem to have "out grown" lately. It was almost as if I began to feel that they weren't real, and I no longer felt a connection with them. And then it really hit me that I kind of felt like mine was one of them. I haven't really been connected with it the past couple of weeks. And that just made me sad. It's time to change that.

All of that to say this: I've been in a bit of a blogging slump the past few weeks. I haven't posted much because I felt like it was wrong of me to post about anything other than the "popular" blogging topics of want it / bought it / love it. But it's my blog. And I can get real if I want to, right? So no more lack of posting just because I haven't been shopping or trying out new products.

We're getting real. Join me, won't you?


  1. I think it's very natural to evolve your blog a little. And to take little breaks. Happens to most of us. And I totally know what you mean about outgrowing some blogs. I look forward to reading about what's been happening in your life lately. Hope all is better now!


  2. I feel ya on everything :-) I hope you find your "voice of the moment" and that blogging continues to be a blessing!

  3. I think blogs change as our lives change. I struggle for topics a lot because I'm not working so I'm on a tight budget which equals on shopping or window shopping. The big thing in my life is my niece Kellan but I'm afraid to post about her too much because I'm afraid people don't want to hear about it. I think we all need to stop worrying about what might be popular. Post what you feel like!

  4. I remember my first blog was about being a Southern Girl living the big city life in Chicago. When I moved back, I felt I didn't have much to write on anymore. Then I took a break from blogging. I started on Twitter. Then I started an OOTD blog to help me not wear the same things over and over again! However I have felt compelled to start a personal blog again as I found myself wanting to blog about thing other than what I wore or bought. So thanks for this post. It's the push I needed :)

    Keepin' it real in Florida :)

  5. Hey!

    Today was my first time here at your little corner of the internet. So glad that you sight popped onto my screen. Many is the time that I read some blogs and thought "am I the only one who feels like this is a farce?" If you will put it out there for me to see then you can count on me to stop by and read it.

  6. TEE totally with you on this child! I cleaned up my reading list a while back because of the Lilly obsessive bloggers and those who always blogged about rainbows and butterflies...that's not life.....with you :)

  7. I hardly blog on mine, and only do something that is relevant to my life....not something that I think people want to see. :)

  8. You have the right to write what you like on your little place in the internet world. I don't write about the awful things in my life because I just don't know how to start them. If someone stopped following me because it wasn't all roses then that is a decision they make to make and will miss out on the fun happy stuff down the road. No ones has the so called perfect life all the time no matter how much they would like to pretend it is.

  9. A lot of times I feel that if you actually blog about life people think you are being negative. Even when you are not. Hard situations are not necessarily negative. But they are HARD and they can't be sugarcoated. I don't blog that much anymore, because my life is so different. I used to go out all the time, cook, have parties, etc. My life is a complete 180 now. And sometimes when I write about it, I get down, not just the reader.

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