Saturday, June 18, 2011

SEC Saturday: Top Tailgating Spots

This week's SEC Saturday is all about where the best tailgating can be found across the Southeastern Conference.

I've had the amazing opportunity to tailgate at every SEC campus, with the exception of Florida. (The only time I care to see Florida is when they play Georgia, and since that's held in Jacksonville, I have no reason to be in Gainesville.)

These are the Top Five SEC Tailgating Schools (in my opinion) in no particular order.

THE UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA - I may be a tiny bit biased, but I feel like there is no better place to tailgate than in Athens. The campus is gorgeous, the people are amazing, and the food is heavenly. I think there is no better way to spend a Saturday in the fall than in Athens, GA, and it all begins with the tailgate. On any given Saturday, you can find everything from BBQ in the smoker, brats on the grill, and low country boils. One of the widest variety of Game Day food choices can be found in Athens.

OLE MISS - Tailgating at The Grove always makes for a fun Saturday. It transforms into a sea of blue, red, and white tents, complete with delicious food either catered or brought in from home (there are no smokers, grills, or open flames allowed at The Grove). Saturdays at The Grove are no doubt a social event that every SEC fan should experience at least once.

AUBURN UNIVERSITY - My experience with tailgating in Auburn has been nothing short of pleasant. The rivalry between Georgia and Auburn has always been a friendly one (we won't get into last year's game...), and I have always enjoyed tailgating on The Plains. The campus is pretty, the people are friendly, and the food is good. What more do you need for a good tailgate?

THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA - Tuscaloosa is home to some of the best and most famous BBQ in all of the South. That in and of itself is enough to put Alabama in the Top Five, if you ask me.

LSU - LSU fans are serious about their team and they are serious about their game day. Tailgating in Death Valley is definitely an experience, to say the least. Because of the Cajun influences, you will find tailgate food unlike any other in Baton Rouge. Where else can you tailgate with some of the best gumbo you will ever eat?

What are some of your favorite SEC tailgating spots and traditions?


  1. Hey what's that comin' down the track?
    Goooo DAWGS!
    Can't wait for football season to start!

  2. Well I think The Grove is the best but then I am a bit biased. The rule is no open flame but you will find it on occasion.
    My favorite tradition is the when the players walk down The Walk of Champions two hours before kick-off.

  3. oh no! I'm not sensing the Gator love here :( Florida is definitely up there in the SEC tailgaiting schools. They have the best block parties at the bars/restaurants directly across the street from Ben Hill Griffin! But I understand SEC teams have some of the greatest rivalries going. SEC love!


  4. USC tailgating rules! Go Gameococks! :)

  5. I love my UK Wildcats!! Although we are nothing short of bad at football, games are always worth it for the tailgates!

  6. GO LSU!!!!
    BTW I'm a Southern Louisiana girl =)

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